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Our Sauces

Buffalo Extra Hot

Buffalo Hot
Buffalo Medium
* Buffalo Mild (Thinner Liquid Sauce Type)
* Lemon Pepper (Thinner Liquid Sauce Type)
Lemon Pepper Sprinkle (Dry Type - Can Be Applied As Secondary Seasoning)
Honey BBQ
Honey Mustard
Carolina Tangy Gold
Garlic Pepper
Garlic Pepper Butter Parmesan
Honey Garlic Pepper
Honey Garlic Pepper Butter Parmesan
Butter Parmesan
Butter Ranch (Dry Seasoning)
Sweet & Sour
Sweet Thai Chili
Plain (No Sauce)
*  These sauces are a lighter liquid than other thick & wet sauces.  When these sauces are applied immediately after removal from deep fryer, the thinner liquid sauce is immediately absorbed into the meat and may not appear as "wet" as our other thicker/heavier sauces.  Requests for a more wet appearing Lemon Pepper or Mild may not be possible, however, the sauce is absorbed into the meat and the full flavor of the sauce is in the meat.
NOTE:  We do not use any batter or apply breading on our chicken wings.  Therefore, regardless of how much we cook, the outer layer of skin/meat can only get "crispy" up to so much.  When liquid is applied to the "crispy" surface, it may become less "crispy" the longer the item takes to be consumed. It is recommended that chicken wings, tenders, corn-meal fish, Panko-breaded jumbo shrimp be immediately consumed to get the maximum possible crispiness and peak flavor. 
Dry Spices Available for Application by Customers:
Lemon Pepper
Season Salt
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